T C L F T / w i n
Tuxman's Command Line Fraenkisch Translator

Current version:
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  1. Download the tclft-win-binaries package [and optionally tclft-win-docs]
  2. Unzip all files into a separate folder on your computer [e.g. C:\Program Files\TCLFT]
    You should use the subfolder names "bin", "doc", and "src".
  3. Run a command prompt:
    Windows 9x/Me: Start - Run... - command
    Windows NT/2000/XP: Start - Run... - cmd
  4. Type the following:
  5. Now choose what you want to do:

[ Go to TCLFT/win Project Page at SF.net ]

Screenshot of 1:1 parser:

Open Source? Yes we do!

TCLFT is © 2003 by Tuxman
eMail: tuxman@sumpfkuh.de

Originally based on the "Unimut Schwobifying Proxy"
© by UNiMUT -- Zeitung (an) der Uni Heidelberg
Internet: http://unimut.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/schwob.html
eMail: unimut@fsk.uni-heidelberg.de

TCLFT/win is using CYGWIN
© 2000,2001,2002,2003 Red Hat, Inc.